EHE International


Raise national awareness about women and heart health.


Since 2003, DCI has organized EHE International’s window display donation program. The window, at 10 Rockefeller Center, is donated by EHE International to different healthcare nonprofits each month to promote education and awareness about symptoms, treatments and prevention of various diseases. The central location ensures each organization’s message is seen by thousands of people every day and the monetary value of the exposure is estimated to be $200,000.

DCI developed the innovative Red Dress Campaign to place EHE International within the local, regional and national conversation taking place each February, Heart Health Awareness Month. For ten years, DCI has taken the Red Dress Campaign to New York and Houston. We select historic landmark locations, donated by businesses and nonprofits alike, and organize a photo shoot at the location for 40 female employees who are provided with glamorous red dresses. The photo is put on display for the month of February in the heart of Rockefeller Center next to the “Today Show” to make the public more conscious of the issue of heart disease and raise awareness of heart health.

DCI rolls out a complementary publicity campaign, which includes the photo, to send the message about heart health far and wide. The media piece of the campaign includes securing interviews, profiles and mentions in various media outlets and leveraging EHE International’s cardiologists as expert sources for inclusion in press coverage. Tapping individual employees also share personal stories of their own heart health issues with the media in their local communities complements national media coverage 


Press coverage of the Red Dress campaign has appeared locally, regionally, and nationally resulting in a demand for EHE International’s services and the opening of new locations – close to 100 offices, and counting.

The New York Times’ Stuart Elliott wrote a column about EHE International's window donation program in late 2012.

EHE International and DCI have each won several healthcare and PR awards for the Red Dress Campaign.