Love Your PR on Valentines Day

         It may be exceptionally cold outside but for most of us Valentine’s Day is near, and the only thing we feel in the air is love.  Love for ourselves, love for our family or love for others. As public relations employees, it is our job to create campaigns in light of the holiday and present them in creative and engaging ways. Some questions that we need to ask are: How do we stand out? How do we differentiate ourselves from the immense amount of competition out there? Rest assured that there is a solution. Here are 3 ways to best utilize public relations strategies for Valentine’s Day.


{C}1.       Don’t forget about the “single ladies” and gentlemen in campaigns


Often times, when the holiday draws closer, we forget about a big portion of the consumer market. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a lonely event. Instead of reducing a single women’s fate to staying at home with a romantic-comedy and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s to cozy up to, give them something to do! Bring all the single men and women together in a common area where they can hinder the stigma of being alone on Valentine’s Day.  Who knows, maybe they could even find their own valentine in the process. Create events that encourage all the single men and women to celebrate their independence, give back to the community or spend time with family at your client’s special event. Highlight the positivity in the holiday by empowering the motto, “love you first”, as part of the campaign.


{C}2.       Stay timely and relevant when planning


When pitching for your client, be sure to stay in tune with what their schedule looks like. There could be something that directly correlates with your strategy. If so, pitch early and pitch efficiently. The sooner you connect the two, the more likely it is that your client’s brand will become embedded in the customer’s mind. When Valentine’s Days rolls around, they will know exactly who our client is and their intentions of receiving whatever it is that we are offering. The campaign must be memorable. Don’t let your idea become the needle in a haystack. If you are successful and your strategy sticks in the minds of others, you can carry-out the same theme for some years to come. This allows you to stay consistent while enabling differentiation and continuing on with new and improved adjustments.


{C}3.       Implement a Client Appreciation Day

The smallest gestures always make the biggest impacts, so make your client your valentine this year. Here is the perfect opportunity for you show a little appreciation. Relationship building is always essential, and it fits with the holiday theme, so make these relationships stronger while simultaneously creating new ones. This Valentine’s Day, show another side to you and your company. Don’t’ treat clients just as business partners, but be friendly and personable as well. Ask yourself, “What can I do for my client today that I have not done before”? With this, you build a stronger bond and develop a better reputation. As word of mouth travels about your company, the client will only have nice things to say, which leads to loyalty and potentially new clientele in the long-term.

In 2011, Hoboken Gold and Diamond Exchange had a very effective public relations campaign on Valentine’s Day.  The company hosted a scavenger hunt for hopeful couples looking to get engaged in New Jersey. Contestants had to pay a small fee in order to join the competition. All proceeds went towards an organization supporting women battling breast cancer, an issue that the owner’s wife herself went through. The winning couple took home an engagement ring worth $10,000. At the time, the Hoboken jewelry company was not very well-known but this event helped to increase brand awareness.

The following year, Hoboken Gold and Diamond Exchange continued this scavenger hunt tradition and became widely recognized.

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