Time for Change

Spring is a great time for celebrations and new launches. 

As Danielides Communications, Inc (DCI) is empowering its clients and developing new strategies to support how they get their message out, we are delighted to launch a redesign of our website.

We are proud to highlight our work and services for global clients that include everything from crisis management to video production to creating networking opportunities. In the PR business, we are as good as our last media hit and always enthusiastic to pitch a new story idea whether it’s for the Web, print, broadcast, or social media.

DCI is privileged to help medical centers launch new practices, support universities throughout the country in offering innovative interprofessional programs, and bring about awareness of worthy nonprofits locally and nationally. We also value the opportunity to give back and welcome a new group of interns each season.

Rebranding DCI and providing integrated marketing communications for our clients are concepts that have always been our priority. In this ever changing environment, we remain flexible in our approach and committed to collaborating with a diverse range of leaders.