Danielides Communications, Inc. (DCI) is an award-winning agency. We were founded in 1986 and have steadily grown and expanded to encompass worldwide capabilities and social media savvy. 

DCI is working to change the way messaging is developed, transmitted, and received. We are committed to empowering our clients. Our unique style, creativity, and integrity are the core of our company and are woven into our relationships with clients and the media.

We are here to help build relationships between people. By telling our clients’ stories to media that care, we empower, educate, and enhance lives. This is our core philosophy: empowering people through storytelling, education through media reinforcement, enhancing the public and business communities with pertinent information while also influencing key stakeholders through subtle yet controlled messaging.

As we work with you, we become part of your company; we are more your off-site in-house PR team than an outside entity. Hand-in-glove, we work together to achieve your goals and meet your ultimate objectives. We do this all with style, but are seriously focused on substantive content and contacts with purpose.

DCI staff engages our trusted media contacts, presents them information with which to foster collaboration in telling your stories—and develop a long-term connection with you. 

We build and manage the relationships between you, journalists and your target audience. Whether you have a product launch announcement, a health-related feature, or an exclusive business story to tell, we utilize our longstanding associations with top-tier media outlets to ensure you, your organization, institution, company or product become visible to key influencers.

Our agency successfully fosters top-of-mind awareness by strategically positioning client brands among target audiences. DCI has established strong media relationships and consistently works with top-tier media. These relationships enable us to secure national, regional and local press for clients. Major television exposure for our clients has included 20/20, Oprah and Good Morning America (ABC), 60 Minutes and The Early Show CBS), Cable News Network (CNN), Today (NBC), and PBS Television. DCI is consistently successful with placements in national print publications such as The New York Times, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and People and Time Magazine.