"At Danielides Communications, Inc. we are committed to empowering our clients. Our unique style, philosophy, creativity and integrity are the basis of our company and are woven into our relationships with clients, employees and the media."

- Joannie C. Danielides
President, Danielides Communications, Inc.

About Us


Danielides Communications, Inc. (DCI) is an award-winning agency. We were founded in 1986 and have steadily grown and expanded to encompass worldwide capabilities and social media savvy. DCI is working to change the way messaging is developed, transmitted, and received. We are committed to empowering our clients. Our unique style, creativity, and integrity are the core of our company and are woven into our relationships with clients and the media.

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Featured Case Study


Since 2003, DCI has organized EHE International’s window display donation program. The window, at 10 Rockefeller Center, is donated by EHE International to different healthcare nonprofits each month to promote education and awareness about symptoms, treatments and prevention of various diseases. The central location ensures each organization’s message is seen by thousands of people every day and the monetary value of the exposure is estimated to be $200,000.

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